Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tiger of Talmare

I can't help but do a little promo for one of my critique partners. Published with Shadowfire, she has an imagination that isn't of this world and a sense of humor that never fails to make me chuckle. If your idea of a good read includes new worlds and sexy men, this book is for you!!!

Tiger of Talmare

Melissa Stark will take on just about any job as long as the price is right. But this particular job she would gladly take on for free because Captain Zachary Knight has been a thorn in her side ever since she stole his starship ten years ago.

Back then he was a genuine hero and poster boy for the army's hybrid breeding program. Now things have changed. Zach has been accused of a massacre on the planet of Talmare and is being shipped home to stand trial. But certain influential people want to make sure Zach never reaches Earth and Mel and her crew on The Revenge have been hired to intercept him and return him to Talmare.

It should have been easy money. The problem is, Zach is impossible to resist and once Mel gets her hands on him she's doesn't want to let him go. Now those same people are also after Mel.

Shadowfire Press Frontiers of Love Scifi Erotic Romance Themed Novella
Genre: Scifi Erotic Romance
Heat Rating: Fire

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destrella said...

Sounds interesting. Thanks for the info! :O)

Jocelyn Modo said...

i love sci fi romance. hard to find but always worth the hunt. thanks for the heads up. i'm checking this one out.