Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Heroes -- The Series

The Rogue... like Errol Flynn, mmhmm.
Charming, Dashing... Careless.

What is it that makes the rogue tie down?
What is it that makes him finally SEE the woman? Because you all know that the rogue is just another word for womanizer. Right? The man who goes from one woman to the next, never leaving an unsatisfied gal in his wake. They enjoy him and share him, knowing he is like a bird and can't be caged. [okay, i just threw up a little in my mouth]

So, why does the heroine win?
The heroine will not be charmed by the Rogue. She will not see a dashing gentleman. Nope. She most likely will not see him at all, which is what draws him to her in the first place. He will wonder about that one. And in wondering he will discover something deeper.
True Love and a mate worthy of his humility.

Don't look only to a Regency for your Rogue. He can be found in a contemporary, too!
If you'll pass on the Rogue, try the Tycoon--at Romance in Writing on FRIDAY!


Joey Nichols said...

So far I am not sure I would pass on any of your heroes. They all have endearing qualities that speak to a woman. At least I have. The Rogue though is a fascinating breed. He likes a good game of cat and mouse...especially when the roles are reversed. I mean after all... isn't he all about bucking the system, going against the grain, and all that jazz?

Oh and LOL on the throwing up a little in your mouth.