Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Sandwich Generation

I read a blog today that talked about The Baby Boomers also being the Sandwich Generation. Described as Sandwiched between taking care of children and taking care of parents in their old age.

Okay. I'm not big on labels. So, my take is a little different than this gals. I didn't think this lady was that old, but if she's a baby boomer, she'd have been born in the forties. Making her... in her seventies, possibly in her sixties. My parents were born in the fifties. I would not call them baby boomers. I could be wrong. Maybe they are!! My parents ARE taking care of my grandmother.

What I'm trying to describe is the fact that we ALL, at some point, hold the likelihood of becoming Sandwiched. My uncle--definitely NOT a baby boomer--is hitting this stage. He was married later in life[thank goodness he probably won't read this! He's in his fifties? late forties, at least...I think, Sorry Uncle Doug! Not saying you're old.] and now has 3 young children. His mother is an awesomely spry, active--dare I say it?--impulsive woman. No one "takes" care of her!! Go Grandma! She went to Europe with her newly widowed sister this fall. They must have had sooooo much fun. Anyway, he helps her out, though.

What determines a Sandwiched individual?
1) Age of parents
2) Age of becoming parents
3) Age the kids move out--seriously, my neighbor has a son--26--who still lives at home... and he does shit for himself, the prick.

Anyhooo... I'm interested in this idea. Mostly because I most likely will never experience it. My parents are young, 57. They never took care of kids and parents. As well, my hubby and I started having kids at 22. By 50ish, our kids will mostly be independent and my parents--God-willing--will still be fit at 75ish. Isn't 50 the new 30? :D

I guess, in a nutshell, I feel bad for the people who wait until they are well into their thirties to have kids. They will be sandwiched! I can't wait until I'm 50...


Joey Nichols said...

God and I am having issues with turning 35 this year. More power to you for looking forward to 50. Though that is still a ways off for you.

Debora Dennis said...

Actually I believe the boomers are considered babies born after WWII through the early 1960s - being born in 64, I am actually the tail end of the official "boomers."

I also think the sandwich refers to anyone taking care of both the generation before and the generation after. So, you'd only be the "sandwich" if you're looking after our parents and your kids.

So while I am only 45 - my hubby has older parents than I do, his are in the 80s. We have kids at home that still need us and when the parents need help too - that makes us part of that sandwich.

I don't really believe that this anything new btw. Isn't this how people have lived for generations? Families living close to one another to help raise the kids and take care of each other?

It's just that now, we feel this need to label everything and look for ways to psychoanalyze it.

Before I'm banned from your blog - I'll end my thoughts here LOL.