Sunday, January 31, 2010

Heroes -- The Series

Ick on the movie... not my cup of tea.

Well, oddly enough, I think this is my least favorite hero. Probably because most protectors I've read are too over the top. I don't mind an alpha with a protective streak, but the protector is too one track-minded. More like a father in some cases.

Again, I'm wracking my brain for a good example...

as usual, I'm thinking of lots of characters that aren't complete Protectors... There's a small part of most women that want to be cherished enough to have a man want to protect them. Too see the danger and think of them first.

I had a dream recently in which my hubby was getting ready to bathe in a creek. But before hand, he built a fire to warm up. It was cold--early spring, late fall or something. Well, the fire spread to an old fire truck that was nearby. The fire truck went up in flames. Our neighbor yelled at us to run! We both ran and while I struggled to get over this ledge, I watched my hubby's back, leaving me in the dust. Not even a hand up to help me get away.

Obviously, I have some protector issues... Hahahaha. Or perhaps, I'm just one of those gals that doesn't need protecting. ;)


C. D. Yates/C. Brayden-Thomas said...

Did you wake up, roll over and hit him? I would have. "You LEFT me! Selfish mumble..."