Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Heroes -- The Series

Though teen wolf isn't exactly first generation paranormal [don't forget Young Frankenstein!], it's pretty darn close. More importantly, it portrayed a shifter who didn't need to be overcome.

The biggest SHIFT in paranormal characters was when they went from villain to hero. Take vampires, for example. At first they were blooksucking, human-seeking, nefarious goons. Now most people love them and want to find out that their most recent conquest has just joined the Vampires Anonymous 12 step program... 12 steps to better blood the moral way. [you know, like a blood bank]

What makes the paranormal so appealing?
1) the unknown
2) the danger--uh, yeah, have you ever embraced a wolf?
3) the power

I've become a sucker for a Shifter. My introduction to them came from Christina Dodd's series, The Chosen Ones. So intense, so steamy! Dodd blends our known rituals with those of her shifter world so that I became a believer while reading...

And isn't the one of the best things about reading, anyway?
So, tell me. What's your favorite creature?
The shifter?
The vampire?
The Zombie?
The Fairy (what is a fairy guy, anyway?)?
Or, The Fly.... EW!!


C. D. Yates/Cynthia Brayden-Thomas said...

Can I just shift on over to spend some time with your man of the month?

Holy Accountant, Batman...is that...Matt?


Bethanne said...


Joey Nichols said...

Okay... here goes. This question is always tough for me because I seriously heart the paranormal. And the heroes that come from within those tales... swoon. So to pick between them would be difficult. (Well except for the Fly... he doesn't make my list. ;))

As for a fairy guy? That depends on how they are written. Read any of Laurell K Hamilton's Mery Gentry books and her fae/fairy men are all HAWT. Same I find with Melissa Marr on the young adult end of the scale. Oh and no doubt... Dayna Hart did it in Between Good and Aeval.