Thursday, February 18, 2010

Superior Scribler Award!

I am so lucky today!

Debora Dennis, one of my lovely Passionate Critters, gave me an award.

This award originated from The Scholasatic Scribe, whose father suggested she sign up for the High School Journalism Program because she wasn't strong in math.

And as anyone who's been in the blogosphere more than a week knows, the award comes with a few rules. (1) I must confess to 10 things you might not know about me and (2) I must pass this award on to a few other lucky recipients. Got it? Let's go...

1. My real name is Bethanne, I've been Penny Dune, a pen name, for several months. If you know Bethanne, then you already know this, because she can't keep a secret worth a damn. :D

2. I'm part robot...not only do I come with a pump, I'm attached to a transmitter as well.

3. It's possible there's coffee running through my veins.

4. I've lived in seven different states--and plan on doing more. I love the idea of starting something new.

5. I have LOTS of freckles... and my hubby loves them. Thank goodness!

6. Next to coffee, ice cream and chocolate are my biggest weakness... actually. No. Nevermind. These are supposed to be things you don't know about me. We all know how I love men.

7. I'm a closet Chicago fan... it's a hard habit to break. Side note: my hubby HATES THEM! :D

8. I'm a religious person. What can I say? I love God.

9. I never finished college.

10. I can braille.

Wow, as usual, that is waaaay harder than it seems. [That's what she said!] Now I get to do the honors of passing this award to a few deserving bloggers. My hat's off to Kerri Sparling from Six Until Me (she knows me as Bethanne. As a matter of fact, I use know lightly). A fellow human robotic, she has amazing scribling abilities. I wouldn't be surprised to see her name on the NYT bestselling list someday. Also, fellow writer and PCer, Kate Karyus Quinn, she writes an urban fantasy I can't get enough of. :D

Thanks for stopping by!
Enjoy the weekend.
With love,
Penny Dune


Kate Karyus Quinn said...

Aw, thanks for the award! And I LOVE the pen name!

R.M.Gilbert said...

Congrats Penny. I have more news for you. I've listed you as a blog award winner on my site as well. :)

Cute about the freckles and lol about being part robot.