Friday, February 26, 2010

The Juggling Act

I try not drone on about writing. I mean, yes, most of my visitors are writing friends, but they know me and know what I'm going through. If you aren't a writing friend, I definitely don't want to bore you with my very uninteresting life. I'd rather you think my life resembles my books! haha.

All that said, I had an idea for my next novella. Since I'm saving the last chapter or two from my Summer Lovin' story until I get that far in revisions, I guess my brain has decided I can let loose. Wow, the imagination is such a FUN creature. I can't wait to start writing this story. I'm outlining and have a heroine that I think is going to be one of my best yet. She has five brothers, one that is a hockey player for the North Carolina Hurricanes. No hero yet, but I'm getting some ideas... Once I figure out what puts the story in motion, I'll have a better idea of who he is and where he came from.

All this story planning has me extra excited. Connecting my Summer Lovin' story to at least one other "seasonal" story never occured to me. Believe me, it's occuring now! My new story has a working title of Winter Craze. I went with Ice Witch at first, but after the thought of integrating the stories crossed my mind... I knew I would have to create something better. Perhaps later, I'll think of a story for Fall and Spring!

Whoooot! I just love this career--the work, the creativity, the rush.
Have a great weekend.
With Love,