Monday, February 22, 2010

Favorite Vacations

All time favorite vacations.
My current manuscript takes place in Mexico, during a vacation.

I was thinking about my own history of vacations. There are different chapters of my life that each has its own special trip or vacation. Overall, though. I've decided to define vacation. DH and I had a discussion on this very topic not too long ago. I claimed we've never been on an actual vacation in our 13 years together. You wanna know why?

1) visiting family is NOT vacation
2) family obligations [though loved and enjoyed] are NOT vacation
3) cub scout camping trips? NOT vacation :D
4) Day trips in our corner of the country are NOT vacation either

I don't remember one time that we've ever done anything that didn't include one or more of those disqualifiers. I would love to go to the Grand Canyon, just to see the Grand Canyon. Or sign up for a cattle drive--like City Slickers. Or rent a beach house on the coast for a week.

There are a few vacations I remember from being a kid. A trip to Mackinac Island. I remember fudge. Also, our family trips to Alpena and a week at a camp there right on Long Lake--we did that more than once. Then there was the trip to Disney World when I was a senior in high school. Middle of the winter, we didn't wait in line for ANY of the rides. :D Great fun!

My anniversary is coming up. DH and I are taking one night to get away. It will be our first 'official', pre-qualified vacation since our honeymoon.
How about you?
When was your most favorite vacation EVER?


R.M.Gilbert said...

Our recent trip West was fabulous and if ever you can go see the Grand Canyon, it is beautiful.

But, my favorite part of the trip had to be right here in our home state. We made a visit to the Upper Peninsula on our way home and I thought it was beautiful and interesting. It may have helped that I was researching and writing a manuscript for the town we visited at the time.

I hope you enjoy your time with your husband. It sounds needed and I'm sure much deserved.

Debora said...

Gush - I love vacations (but, yeah, with three kids and mortgage we don't go often!)

I agree visiting family is NOT a vacation.

I love the idea of a cattle drive ala City Slickers but I doubt I'd make it without my keurig, a hot shower and my mattress!