Monday, March 1, 2010

Favorite Things

What's your favorite thing to do to pass the time?
I played Rummy with my daughter the other day. So much fun! When we got started, she decided Go-Fish was the game we were going to play. I looked at her, ten now, and thought, "no. It's time to play something else."

*big cry baby*

They grow up so fast!! I showed her how to play and now, there will be no going back. It's forward motion from here on out... Games, Books, Television, Make-up, Clothes, Talks.

I guess that's why part of me feels a little guilty about my coming trip to New York. She would looooooooove to go. She would DIE to go. And when I first talked to my girlfriend about making a trip, babygirl was there with us. So, I think when she finds out that the trip is BIG girls only, it will be a little heartbreaking for her. Especially since she'll have to stay home with ALL boys. :(

Well, I look forward to another trip a few years from now when I can take her with me. But, this time....
It's just for me. :D
And that's okay, too.
Have a great week, everyone.
Penny Dune


Vanessa said...

You'll have to visit my blog - I left you a present!