Sunday, December 27, 2009

On the Third day of Christmas

My kids are FINALLY outside. The snow came down for two days straight and is still going strong today. Tomorrow the sun will be out, but for today, everyone is enjoying the soft, wet, fluffy mess. :)

This Christmas was bittersweet as we spent it with my widowed mother-in-law. It's so strange that my father-in-law isn't here. It's no wonder the holidays are hard on families. It's a time for giving extra love and sharing extra joy. Hopefully, being here made it easier on my husband's mother. She'll be flying herself back to the warmer south tomorrow morning.


it'll be TIME TO WORK!
  • Go through extra toys and toyboxes, find room for the new stuff. Find the stuff that no one even looks at anymore.
  • Finish my current WIP. Take a really big bite out of that story so that when the new year hits I can start subbing it through my crit group. I just love being excited about a story. :D
  • Oh, and exercise...see, I've put on a few holiday pounds...or are they fall pounds? No, more like 2009 pounds that 2010 wants nothing to do with. ;) haha.