Thursday, December 3, 2009

John Gerard

John. You've been in Germany for the past few weeks. What is your favorite part of being in Europe?

J: My Grandparents have a summer home in the mountains. I love coming here because of the history.

History, huh? You're a little young for someone interested in history. What's your favorite era?

J: *smiling* It's a toss up between the Victorian--I always wanted to be a pirate when I was a kid--and of course, World War II. My father, his father and my great grandfather all served in the Army. Here, I get to really jump in, you know? It's not just the museums and memorials. It's real life. The pubs, the people, libraries, churches--

A living history, John?

J: Yes!

Do you think you'll follow in their footsteps? Join the military?

J: Hmm. I don't know. It's hard, you know? My dad, he works alot, even now after being retired for the last five years. He's gone alot. It's hard on my mom.

You have two siblings, right?

J: Julia and Josiah, trouble and terror--respectively. *grin*

Do you travel with them often?

J: This is our first time without my mom. I guess Mom and Dad needed a break. *snort* Like we don't know what that means, right?

They get along, your mom and dad?

J: Yeah. I've seen them argue, hard. My mom, she's the quiet one and my dad really knows how to let lose, but they've never not worked it out...

You worried about them this time?

J: *pause* Nah. Whatever it is, they'll work it out. They have to...

Tell me what you do for fun. I wanted to change the subject, just to ease the moment.

J: I love soccor. I spent a lot of time abroad as a kid and soccor just stuck with me. I've been working out four times a week while we're here--running, mostly. One thing about Germany, and Europe: there's no Gold's Gym on every other corner. Well, I like to lift when I'm home, but aside from my studying, I just keep busy. And Dad puts me to work.

He's a real slave driver?

J: He's old school, right? We live in the mountains, and staying warm in the winter means swinging an axe for wood. *grin*

When we're interrupted by Josiah, I put my pen aside to greet him.

josiah: I hate to swing an axe.
J: That's cuz you're lazy doofus.

The interview wraps up quickly, and I smile at the brothers who obviously have a great affection for each other even if it does mean taking a ribbing. As my thoughts swing back to the man who should have loved me forever, my heart breaks a little at the thought of tearing these boys' home.

I'm just about to leave when the daughter stops me with a suspicious narrowing of her eyes, and she asks me when they can expect to see an article in the American magazine I work for.

Soon, I tell her before I drive away...

And the consequences will threaten everything you know.


MJ said...

So... are they the children of her ex-lover? Come on you have to give me a hint. Just a small tidbit? Where are you going? Penny!!!! Don't leave me like this.

*clings to Penny's leg and begs for some mercy*

Penny Dune said...

tsk. tsk. tsk. MJ.

If I told you, I'd have to kill you.

MJ said...

You are so not fair! Where is the love?!