Monday, November 30, 2009

Tiger, too?

Is infidelity the new rage? WTF? People wonder why romance is so popular, but maybe it's because they are tired of seeing men [and women] act like a bunch of shitheads.

I mean, if you get married and have kids... you need to honor something, don't you?
Jiminy Cricket.

So, I got to thinking. Have you ever read a book that featured a cheater? I can narrow that down, have you ever read a ROMANCE novel that featured a cheater.

How did that cheater redeem him/herself? Was it the hero or heroine?
Bottom line.
Do you think redemption is possible?


Penny Dune said...

FYI, yes. For me redemption is a possibility. Circumstances not specified, I would hope for reconciliation...

and I've read lots of books where the ne'er-do-well hero makes a comeback.

Sally said...

I haven't read a romance with a character who cheated for the sake of cheating, but I have read a few where the action seemed warranted (i.e. an abusive, long-been-over relationship that isn't legally over). I'm okay with that kind of straying as long as THAT relationship is faithful and ends with a HEA.

On the other hand, I am never okay with a character who even messes around with someone other than their destined match while he or she is also contemplating a relationship or in the early stages of one with said match. Even if he or she redeems themselves to their eventual SO, it never seems to sit well with me and I have a really hard time getting behind them in the story. It's like, Hello, you couldn't wait a chapter or two for the real deal?

Bethanne said...

Hmm. I've read romances where the hero has a misspent youth. Where meeting the heroine IS the turning point. IF that's what you mean, then yes. I've read lots of those. and I love them, too. :D

Sally said...

Don't mind a wild child past in the least. I just don't like stories which seem to glorify a character's sexuality to the point they can't keep their hands off the first available willing body while also in pursuit of the heroine or hero. It's kinda squicky to me. :P