Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Still Writing

I am. I'm still writing.
Ugh! In case you're curious. I'm almost finished with this manuscript--Summer Lovin'.

Maybe a deadline would help?

Easter's a good date. Goal: submitt to publisher on Monday, April 5th. That means I have to have my first draft and revisions completed in less than 3 weeks. Okay. I'm a nut.

That's nuttier than thinking I would never get a cavity, which by the is no longer true. Regular check up with the dentist last week turned into my first cavity ever. You know that moment when you realize you aren't going to live forever? Most people figure this out in their twenties, or possibly earlier depending on life experience... Me? I thought I would live forever AND never get a cavity!

Oh, well.

...Maybe that is nuttier than the revisions in 3 weeks...

I hope this whole cavity thing isn't a sign of things to come. :P

My visits in blogland are less frequent, but don't think that means I don't think of you out there. have a great week.