Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Planning Committee

I'm it. The family planning committee...

oh, wait, that's not right either. OMG, that's hilarious. *cough* I mean, I'm that too. But, oh, nevermind.

I'm supposed to plan monthly events for the fmaily to do. This isn't as easy as it sounds!! I haven't failed miserably, but I have failed.

When we lived outside Washington D.C. for a time, we did a museum day once. Another day we did a trip to Manassas. Did you know you could spend a good week in that area and not see everything?

It takes great effort. First, it has to be scheduled. As the kids get older, time becomes more precious. Do you find that too? It seems that whenever I have a free Saturday, I'd much rather spend it sitting on my driveway in the sunshine, just watching the kids play.

But I want to do better. I need to do better, so I'm looking for something to do in April. "April?!" you exclaim? Yes, May! Because March is just about gone. If I don't plan something for late April, I won't be planning anything until the end of June. That's how busy my schedule is... :P

So, tell me. What do you do with the family as extra curricular in your area? Doesn't have to be free to be a good example, either. I'm willing to pay a few dollars to satisfy the Family Committee Head--my hubby.
We've done the local Children's Museum and the local Nature Center/State Park.

I think I might need to plan a day trip. Get out of our immediate area. :)