Works in Progress

Summer Lovin' ~~ WIP
Book One, novella length, stand alone

I'm going blind.
I don't know if I'll be able to take care of you.
I won't be able to see you when you're in my arms and coming.

Former soldier, Nathan Gerard has never faced anything as terrifying as losing his own sight. With a business to run, a family to raise, and a wife he wants more than life itself, he's afraid he won't be worthy of their love.

Stacy's husband has been acting strangely for six months, and it's gotten so bad, she concludes that he must be having an affair. Her last ditch effort to win him back begins and ends with the vacation they planned a year ago.

Mexico is a paradise fraught with past memories and new dangers. Will their time together be enough to work things out, or will they lose it all to an unseen enemy?


Winter Craze ~~ WIP
Book Two, novella length, stand alone

Two-time world champion figure skater, Carina Elizabeth Whitney has finally reached her goal, medal at the Olympics. Like a sign from heaven, she hangs up her ribbons and trophies for a chance in the real world. But the real world can be just as harsh and hurtful as the one she left behind.

....more to come as I plot away. :D